A Philosopher’s Palette

Heritage and meaning dominate in the art of Bradford Overton ... LEARN MORE>>

The Art of the House

A harmonious client-architect match produces a home with artistic touches at every turn in Portola…... LEARN MORE>>

Entering George Carlson’s State of Wonder

After an acclaimed career as a sculptor, Carlson’s return to painting has reaffirmed his place…... LEARN MORE>>

Leaving a Legacy

This family compound in Fredericksburg, Texas, changed the lives of its homeowners in ways they…... LEARN MORE>>

Master of Light

Mark Laguë’s expressive canvases capture movement and emotion ... LEARN MORE>>

Painting the Parks

A history of conservation continues as art programs celebrate the centennial anniversary of the National…... LEARN MORE>>

For the Love of Land, Mark and Jerri Lisk

Often inspired by similar subjects, this artistic team celebrates the form and composition of nature ... LEARN MORE>>

Cowboy Artist of Skyscapes

An artist since 1986, painter Phil Bob Borman has a persona as big as the…... LEARN MORE>>

A Family Refuge

Rustic yet refined, the Double Arrow Ranch in Southwest Montana was designed by Locati Architects…... LEARN MORE>>

Hillside Haven

Nestled in the foothills of a private preserve in California, a sustainable ranch home celebrates…... LEARN MORE>>

Dwelling in the Thin Spaces

Kathryn Mapes Turner explores the lines in nature where wild lives meet another world ... LEARN MORE>>

Born Storyteller

Through mixed media and his own unique brand of Native American narrative realism, Baje Whitethorne…... LEARN MORE>>

A Voice in Stone

Using intuition and perception, Andreas and Naomi Kunert place stones in simple and elaborate ways…... LEARN MORE>>

Beauty in the Beasts

Mick Doellinger is a sculptor of the animal kingdom ... LEARN MORE>>

Bending Genres

Brett James Smith makes a stunning metamorphosis in contemporary Western art ... LEARN MORE>>

Finding Home

Animal art, native iconography and a spiral twist come together in a contemporary Santa Fe…... LEARN MORE>>

Modern with Mountains

For a client whose only requirements were a contemporary desert getaway and unobstructed mountain views,…... LEARN MORE>>


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