Hidden in the Hills Artist Studio Tour, Nov. 17-19 & Nov. 24-26

Posted on: Nov 09 2017

Arizona’s largest and longest-running artist studio tour and sale, Hidden in the Hills, takes place during the last two weekends of November: Nov. 17-19 and Nov. 24-26. A signature event of the non-profit Sonoran Arts League, Hidden in the Hills features 174 artists in 44 studio locations throughout the scenic Desert Foothills communities of Cave Creek, Carefree and North Scottsdale. Now in its 21st year, the free, self-guided studio tour offers seasoned collectors and art enthusiasts a rare chance to observe artists at work in their private studios, which are open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the six-day tour. Each studio also has one or more guest artists who will be demonstrating how they create their art while displaying and selling their work. 

Three Artists Capture The Spirit of The West

Curt Mattson

Set on two and a half acres with Cave Creek Regional Park as a backdrop, Mattson’s home and Studio #32 embody the spirit of the West with breathtaking sculptures, evocative oil and watercolor paintings and freehand charcoal drawings – each one telling a unique story about cowboys, cowgirls, horses, cattle and life on the ranch. “Cowboy art is inherently narrative, and I strive to bring people into the contemporary and historic worlds of the buckaroo, horsemen and horsewomen,” Mattson said, adding that his goal is to enrich the lives of others. “I’m only successful if my work is uplifting, compelling and brings beauty into other people’s lives.”

Growing up on a ranch with 50 horses, Mattson began riding at the age of five. He credits his ranching experience with helping him achieve precise composition for each original piece he creates. “Whether I’m sculpting, painting or drawing, I’m able to capture the movements and rhythm of the horses, cattle and buckaroos because my life has been centered around that world,” he said.


Marless Fellows

Marless Fellows loves capturing how light hits her subjects to expose their personalities. A Cave Creekresident and host of Studio # 23, she is passionate about painting people, horses, donkeys and other wildlife. “With all of my subjects, the eyes tell an amazing story,” she said.

Fellows grew up on a small horse ranch in Apache Junction, Arizona, where she developed her love for the West and her western lifestyle. She considers herself a colorist with her style being representational. “I have been painting for 25 years and I have miles and miles of canvas behind me,” Fellows said. “I strive to make each painting’s dimension come alive through the canvas.”


Randy Galloway

Randy Galloway’s professional career of more than 35 years has included oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel paintings, as well as various drawing mediums and computer graphics. After enjoying a long and successful career in illustration, graphic design, art direction and computer graphics, he decided to return to his first artistic love of painting and drawing. “Being one-eighth Cherokee and growing up in New Mexico surrounded by art created by Pueblo Indians, I have a deep-rooted respect for the Native American culture and I am fascinated with their ancestral beliefs and the exquisite craftsmanship and symbolic stylization in their arts and crafts,” Galloway said.

Some of his other favorite subjects include ranch life, mountain men, Wild West settlers, portraiture, landscapes and wildlife. “I like to tell stories through my paintings—that’s part of the reason why I chose to focus on the West. I grew up surrounded by Western culture…it is a part of my soul,” he said. “The ideas of freedom and independence and the mix of cultures over two hundred years in the West create a never-ending resource of imagery that can tell stories to elicit every emotion possible and provide a rich palette for my unique expression of beauty.”


For more information, call (480) 575-6624, or visit www.HiddenInTheHills.org.


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