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High Country Haven

Written By Seabring Davis
Miller Architects crafts an exotic sanctuary on a Centennial ranch in Colorado

Redefining What’s Real

Written By Christene  Meyers
Artist Ed Mell captures Southwestern features in a way that has become as iconic as the landscapes themselves

Western Vista

Perspective: LeConte Stewart [1891–1990]

Written By Vanessa Chang
Prolific and humble, the painter quietly — and brilliantly — captured Utah in all its natural and struggling glory

Wanderings: Fort Worth, Texas

Written By Myrna Zanetell
From rough-and-tumble beginnings, this charming city has developed a culture all its own

Auction Block

A Good Year

Written By Western Art & Architecture Staff
Major auction houses mark the return of top prices


Ones to Watch

Written By Michele Corriel
Spotlighting the works of painters Mary Bechtol

Ones to Watch

Written By Michele Corriel
Spotlighting the works of mixed-media artist Bryan Christiansen

Ones to Watch

Written By Michele Corriel
Spotlighting the works of painters Josh Elliot

Ones to Watch

Written By Carter G. Walker
Spotlighting the works of wood carver David Bardwick

Ones to Watch

Written By Chase Reynolds Ewald
Spotlighting the works of designer Josh Chandler

Western Rendering

Quality of Experience

Written By Lawrence W. Cheek
Driven by site without stylistic fingerprints, Seattle’s Heliotrope Architects designs structures that connect with nature

Designing the West

Traditional With A Twist

Written By Kathy Chin Leong
Interior Designer Kathleen Navarra incorporates the unexpected into her designs

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